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  1. jayke225
  2. DanjaDANGA
    OG Player
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  3. VenipedeGaming
    I have titanfall 2 on ps4, );
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  4. YifyGaming
    YifyGaming WhoIsDo
    Hey, thanks for greeting me!
  5. YifyGaming
    Gotta Get Back Up!
  6. FiveAir
  7. RottweilerluvNZ
    Kicked to death by grunts again today......
    1. ThirdGuyver
      Ha Ha, I know the feeling!
      Apr 7, 2017
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  8. MaroMaro
    6-4 LaFamilia
  9. Trini Chinese
    Trini Chinese KernelClamjuice
    check email for official TITANFALL 2 survey .
  10. Trini Chinese
    Trini Chinese ensc
    check email for official survey from EA on TITANFALL 2 and give feed back .
  11. Crazydave2605
    Crazydave2605 WhoIsDo
    Don't like the new dlc!pvp not my thing!can't we have big sexy new maps like original dlc?
  12. Crazydave2605
    Don't like the new dashboard layout at all!very clumsy& getting attrition match very hard
  13. Crazydave2605
    Don't like home page Trying to get attrition lobby like job application very
  14. ZiichLV
    Reborn Titanfall 1 player
  15. Stryder
    Playing TF1 again.
  16. Stryder
    Playing TF1
  17. Red Shirt Kid1
    Red Shirt Kid1
    Sorry if it felt a bit spammish but I wanted to get it all out. What did you think?
  18. Red Shirt Kid1
    Red Shirt Kid1
    Defensive cooldown is 6 sec Utility is 8 sec and offensive is 10 sec.
  19. Red Shirt Kid1
    Red Shirt Kid1
    Sees they gain the buff. Titan name is Aegis, Personality is more concerned for the Pilot and other titans, Weight is a total of 20 tons
  20. Red Shirt Kid1
    Red Shirt Kid1
    Has two charges Rocket Jump, Spread shot deals some knockback(around a melee) War Banner, Rally drops a banner that if any friendly titan
    1. OGkraken
      The spread shot seems kinda similar to the lead wall but it's property along wi petrify projectile makes aegis a direct counter to ronin!
      Feb 7, 2017