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Discussion in 'General Titanfall discussion' started by DARK BAWGS, Jan 9, 2017.

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    DARK BAWGS Generation 5
    Elite Pilot

    Sep 19, 2016
    We have had so many posts about SBMM that I decided to really see how balanced the game is. I played 23 games one afternoon and recorded the scores to see if there was a major imbalance in the results. The following are my observations:

    Disclaimer: this is not a statistically valid study.
    · Sample size is too small, 23 games is not near enough should have several hundred or perhaps a thousand observations to be able to draw reasonable conclusions
    · Sample is too limited; all games were played in Ampted Hardpoint. To have a more representative study one would play “Mixed Tape” so that several different Modes are included in the sample data.

    Win/Loss – my team “A” won 56.5% of their games. On the surface this would seem to be reasonable in my opinion.

    Analysis – I arbitrarily broke down the scores into a range using the differential scores. 2017-01-09_1036.png

    What I observed was that over 17% of the games had scores where there was more than 200-point difference between the winning and loosing teams. This to me is way out of balance, the average score difference was 241.8. What causes this significant imbalance?

    · Players just don’t understand how AH works. They spend their time running around looking for kills, many players get a sniper rifle and camp looking for kills – this is no help to their team.

    · Players can’t wait to get their Titan and enter into a match of Last Titan Standing – this just doesn’t help your team win.

    · Players get behind badly and quit!

    · If you play the objective your team does much better. Personally I had very few kills but finished MVP 39.7% of the games and in the top three 79.0% and as stated earlier our team won 56.5% of the games.

    Games where the scores were one sided but still fun games with score differentials of between 100-200 represented 43.48% of the total games. Many of these games were close for a while then one team pulled away near the end. The average score difference was 142.8.

    With 39.13% of the games being very close with scores that made it anyone’s game until the end – all in all fun games that were quite competitive. The average score difference for this category was 53.7.

    In summary it was an interesting study and I felt that over all the distribution of the scores seemed to be in balance given that even the “Totally Out of Balance” results was only 17.39%. When my team won it represented 8.70% of the games and when we lost it was 8.70% as well this was pretty fair.

    This is not intended to sway anyone’s opinions about SBMM it was simply done as an observation and to help me, personally, see if the games are seriously out of balance. Our tendency is to remember the bad ones and feel like it is always that way. This exercise has made me feel better about the overall balance of the game – at least in Ampted Hardpoiint.
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  2. Omega82

    Omega82 Generation 5

    Dec 21, 2016

    Terrific analysis bro. I personally feel like the matchmaking isn't as bad as people seem to think anymore. I feel like it could be better but I don't think the system is completely broken.
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  3. ensc

    ensc Generation 7
    Elite Pilot

    May 29, 2016
    Great job DARK! Even without looking at the numbers, I would say well done. Thank you for putting in the time. I know what it takes to put something together like this.

    I did look at your numbers and I would say they probably are a pretty fair representation. Like you said, a larger sample would give a clearer picture, but this was a nice snapshot.

    And, you know I love Amped Hardpoint like you do, so I can totally empathize with these feelings and frustrations:
    I feel your pain their brother.
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  4. BattleReadyPB

    BattleReadyPB Generation 5

    Feb 10, 2016
    I think I might try this from my perspective.
    Good job Dark!
  5. ReedyChannel146

    ReedyChannel146 Generation 2

    Jan 1, 2017
    Great analysis Dark!

    For me i find that games against full fire teams usually end in a slaughter :(