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Discussion in 'Titanfall 2 News & Discussion' started by DARK BAWGS, Jun 20, 2017.

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    You are a rare breed though Ik0n. You're skill level in any game is going to be way higher than mine and probably most people, so that allows you to enjoy any game and not worry about the nuances, but when you are not that skilled, like me, those nuances make a HUGE difference.

    See DARK, this is my point though, if such a minor change to just one thing in the current game can make you feel that way, or feel this way:

    To the point where you might stop playing a game that you enjoyed, can you see how the average players (not Ik0n, because he would be in those Elite players like you mentioned, where it wouldn't make a difference) who loved TF1 would feel when it wasn't just a slight tweak to one thing in the game, but the entire game was changed? As you said, it is not even the same game, and there was no reason for that.

    I'm just trying to make the point here, because I know some have viewed me as negative at times and I know you are one who has, but I am just hoping you will take a step back, think about how this one little change could make you feel, then put yourself in my shoes and imagine how it would feel if absolutely every little nuance you loved about the game was changed unnecessarily and not for the better from your perspective. Can you see how your slight negativity here for this minor change could be extrapolated when the entire game was changed and how much negativity you would feel at that point and how it would be totally warranted?