Game Mode Rotation

Discussion in 'General Titanfall discussion' started by Omega82, Jun 6, 2017.

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  1. Omega82

    Omega82 Generation 5

    Dec 21, 2016
    Attrition mode hasn't come up one time in the past 3 days for me. Has anyone else had a problem like this ? I cycle 3 modes , Attrition, bounty hunt, pvp. Bounty hunt keeps coming up like 85% of the time , then pvp but no Attrition at all . Typically this is usually reversed and I would get way more attrition matches consistently since owning this game , but past 3 days nothing at all .
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  2. ensc

    ensc Generation 7
    Elite Pilot

    May 29, 2016
    I never play those modes Omega, but it sounds like what I've always found when they put out a new map and do the 24/7 thing where it's supposed to be a mix of Bounty Hunt/Attrition/Amped Hardpoint. I really only wanted Amped Hardpoint and it would usually work out where in 10 games it would be like 6 Bounty Hunt, 3 Attrition and 1 Amped Hardpoint (if that). I think they are just pushing Bounty Hunt too much, because it was the new mode for TF2, but I don't think they should force it down everyone's throat. If they like it, they will include it in their mixtape (which should be an even distribution among modes they've selected), but if they don't like it, they shouldn't have to play it excessively in a 24/7 map mode. Also, if they just kind of like it and want to include it in their mixtape, it shouldn't be a license for Respawn to be like, "Oh, hey, they included Bounty Hunt, so let's just ignore all the other modes they like and just jam that one down their throat non-stop."