Titanfall Juggernaught

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  1. RedShield75

    RedShield75 Generation 2

    Jul 23, 2017
    I mentioned this bad boy in the Titanfall 3 thread, so I thought I should throw down all his stats here.
    Titan Name: Juggernaut
    Chassis: Ogre
    Gender: Male
    Primary Weapon: Flak Cannon - High Damage but over a large area. Long Reload, low ammo 1 or 2 shots. May or may not be included. Goal is a melee titan with no gun. On Second thought, no Flak gun. This titan has no hands.
    Offensive: Boulder Bash: 2 charges, first charge is right hand second charge is left hand. Grappling hooks on the hand chosen by charge grabs a massive chunk of earth from the cosshair, (terrain modification) and has a physics based throw. High Damage to a small area.
    Defensive: Down to Earth - Giant grappling hook on the left arm grabs onto hostile titans face, and throws them to the ground. Low damage, high stun (no shooting or movement) (Cancels NS Hover, but not the Flight Core)
    Utility: (Experimental) Trust Me: Grapples onto a nearby titan, and throws them with a physics based throw. Can be enemy or friendly. Damage is dealt in large amounts to both titan and target.
    Melee: Mace and Chain: Melee hand is replaced by a ball on a chain, thrown out, does damage, comes back. More than standard melee damage, and longer range. Hands alternate when punching in sequence.
    Core: Boulder Bash, Down to Earth, and Trust Me have short cool-downs and are faster. Boulder Bash does higher damage, Down to Earth does more damage and longer stun rate, Trust me has a slightly shorter cool down, does more damage to hostiles, less to friendlies, and throws them faster. Melee does more damage, has longer range, and is faster (resulting in more punches, even with extra longer range)
    Execution: JT (lol) grapples to the hostile titan. Yoinks it towards himself. When it reaches JT he kicks the titan revealing the grapple had actually punctured the cockpit and grabbed the pilot. The titan is kicked away from the pilot who is in the claw. (For visual, on second the pilot is in his cockpit. Without himself moving, the titan that was around him moves backwards, leaving the pilot alone) Pilot is then crushed in the 3 fingered claw. Titan explodes.
    How I imagine Juggernaut. Look up the Zillo beast. Notice the pattern of the scales. Make them black, makes them spiker, and then cover Ogre in them. Add silver tubes on each arm, with the three fingered claws on the end by the "hand" (one per) Look up BTD Juggernaut. Stick those massive balls where the hands are. The claws and maces are attached to chains that look like really fat grappling hooks. (From the tactical.)

    Now: Imagine the bridge on Blackwater Canal. On one side is the single road, on the other is the split. Orient it in your mind so the fork is on the top and the single is on the bottom. Good. Scorch and Juggernaut are on the single. An enemy Northstar is on the right fork path. Juggernaut activates and hits both "Boulder Bashes" on the Northstar. Juggernaut then uses "Trust Me" to throw the scorch over the bridge towards the left end of the fork. The scorch begins to activate a flame core upon landing, aimed at the Northstar. Not ready to be melted, the Northstar hovers. However, the Juggernaut performs "Down to Earth" on the Northstar. Stunned and on the ground, the Northstar is hit by the flame core. Juggernaut then grapples to the doomed Northstar and finishes it off with its execution.

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