My Thoughts about Titanfall 2

Discussion in 'Titanfall PC' started by PromaG, Sep 29, 2017.

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  1. PromaG

    PromaG Generation 1

    Sep 29, 2017

    I buy this game last time and I am in 7th heaven...I am tired about new Battlkefields with not offer anything new except environment and times when action happens...
    I was so happy to get this game and I must write all cons and pros of it here - because lots of solutions are very nice for me personally:

    +Frontier defense - great mode!!! but IMO needs more maps and there is a lot of things which can be added to shop between waves of enemies(for now itsa only few things - its looks poor but have a great potential) - for example few types of mines for infantry/titans(proximity/heavy mine itc.),mines which make a shield and stop enemy titans for 15 seconds,MOST IMPORTANT I LOVE TURRENTS!!! - I want more of them,mean more types rocket turrets,mortar turrets with shoot same as mortar titans,laser turrets...Also soldier skill needed instead of grapling hook which allow to get 3rd turret in frontier defense..There is great potential to enhance shop offer between waves - and I have hope we see something new yet in this materry...Also more upgrades for titans - now is only battery - there can be something which upgrade firepower for one round,increases defence of titans and many more...but most important for me is a FEW TYPES OF DIFFERENT TURRETS...
    Skins/Egida levels for titans(7th upgrades per titan) in frontier defence
    Then leveling of character with regeneration and finally GREAT leveling system for every weapon without level limit(propably) and skin unlocking - Gos bless a guy who did it! - I want see all of it in next games from Respawn Entertainment - hope in Titanfall 3!
    +Detailed stats
    +Very nice graphics,good choice of titans - loved Polaris and his sniping with piercing enemies
    and many more....

    Now some cons:

    -Ronin - is OP - in good hands he moving very fast through the map and not let killing any titan for other players- this is really frustrating and I not like play when someone take ronin..
    -WE have private match - thats OK but .... in 3am at night when no players online or in empty gamemodes(not popular) - I cant play because SI should replace human players if theres no one to play - for example I should play any gamemode at any time with humans or with SI which replace humans if they not available...
    -Stats and scores from private matches should be saved to player stats/unlock system
    -Need more maps - Still have hope for even one Big payable DLC with 4 new good maps and few weapons and frontier defence between waves BIG shop upgrade with many new items...

    Guys please add some new types of turrets rocket/mortar to shop in frontier defence and skill for players intead of grapling hook which allow get 3rd turret,also few new upgrades for shop - this not need too much work - I can pay for big dlc but if not be releasing pls do it...And sorry for my english...
    I cant believe there not will be season pass for this great game with many new maps - even Titanfall 1 has it which was very poor if compare to 2nd part...Great work guys...
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  2. BattleReadyPB

    BattleReadyPB Generation 5

    Feb 10, 2016
    If the lobby is slow can you play FD alone or with 1 person like in TF1?
    Or does it just keep searching and never find a game?
  3. ensc

    ensc Generation 7
    Elite Pilot

    May 29, 2016
    I completely agree with this. Anyone should be able to play any mode any time they want. If there is no one else available, it should poplulate the game with AI pilots. This was true for TF1 as well. There is no reason that someone shouldn't be able to pick up TF1 for the first time today and not be able to play Hardpoint Domination or Capture The Flag any time they want. It is rediculous that they can't.

    I'm not sure what you meant by this compliment, whether you were complementing the TF2 DLC structure only or the entire game in general. Either way, I disagree, but on the latter I would disagree even more strongly.

    If you meant the DLC structure, here is why I disagree:

    If you are saying the whole game is better, here is why I disagree:
    #1 - the titans - TF2 titans are slower, weaker, do not have regenerating shields and you cannot customize the important things
    #2 - pilot/titan balance - in TF1 I felt equally as strong as a pilot or a titan and I would take on 3 veteran titans by myself when I was a pilot and usually take down 2 of them if not all 3. in TF2, the titans are given so much benefit of the doubt and so much reaction time that I would not even attempt to take on 1 autotitan, because it's a suicide mission. #2a - the TF1 rodeo system was far superior and really helped with the pilot/titan balance.
    #3 - pilot situational awareness - in TF1, I always knew when I was being attacked, from what direction and usually even with what weapon. I had time to react, take cover, lick my wounds and then decide whether to engage or move on. The gun damage/pilot health also allowed me to absorb a little damage so I would have that time to react. In TF2, I don't even know I am being attacked and BOOM white shock flash and I'm dead.

    There are many more reasons I think TF1 was far superior in every way to TF2, but those are the big 3 for me.
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  4. Ophidian_EY3

    Ophidian_EY3 Generation 1

    Sep 30, 2017
    Full disclosure here, I haven't played TF1 for awhile, but when I try, I feel it is much slower than TF2. Yes I wish there were more maps like in TF1, yes I wish there was a leaderboard, and yes I would like more customizable Titan weapons. Oh, and yes how about improvements in matchmaking. Why do have to sit and wait 5 minutes between matches for the servers to pick up a brand new set of players? Why can't we stay in lobby and shit talk each other until a match begins.

    All that said, I love this game for its fluidity and sense of reward when killing other pilots and titans. The mayhem and chaos of each battle is electrifying. Being launched into the air during an ejection is breathtaking. Also playing with focus and awareness makes this my favorite shooter ever.

    I am a Gen 26 right now, but it's really hard to rank up when half the time your waiting on a match to begin. I guess because I play very late during the week due to my job, so yeah not as much activity. But yeah I'm a fan of this game even with my perceived flaws about it, and I still sit up every night after work and patiently wait to either kick some major ass or get my ass majorly kicked
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  5. ensc

    ensc Generation 7
    Elite Pilot

    May 29, 2016
    Yes, very good points here and it is very appropriate to have the matchmaking point right there with the lobbies point. This switching from lobbies to Networks might have been somewhat tolerable (even if you still had to wait and lost the social aspect), if the result would have been extremely balanced games 90% of the time. That's not what the result was though. The matchmaking is actually worse than TF1, because there is still no skill based matchmaking algorithm, so you end up with lopsided matches. This is made even worse than it was in TF1 by the stronger team getting their Boosts faster, then Titans faster, then Titan cores faster. The weaker team realizes this at some point and some leave and now you have a lopsided game in skill and numbers. Granted, that is how it looked in TF1 as well, but at least you could see it right up front and not have 10 minutes of your life wasted before you realized it. So, the matchmaking is worse and the wait is longer, because now you have to wait before every game, where in TF1 you may have waited for your first game, but then you were good after that unless you chose to leave the lobby. Also, you've lost the social aspect of being with the same group of 12 people for the next hour or two, because it sucks you out into the general population after each game and creates a new mish mash players assembled into 2 new unbalanced teams.