Titanfall No way to compare camo, art, class set ups, or stats with friends

Discussion in 'Feedback, Issues & Suggestions' started by ThaPizzaGuy, Dec 12, 2016.

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  1. ThaPizzaGuy

    ThaPizzaGuy Generation 1

    Dec 12, 2016
    I'm really enjoying playing Titanfall 2 on PS4. Coming from Call of Duty, I appreciate the fresh, innovative gameplay with familiar mechanics. There are just a few things that concern me that I belief might hinder the games longevity. One big disappointment is that I have no way to show off any of the stuff I've unlocked. When I party up with friends it would be nice to be able to scroll over their name and view their current class set up, with whatever new camo and titan nose art they are equipping. Neither can we view and compare our stats or even current level for that matter. The only atribute we have available to compare is a simple banner and patch When a game ends and score board goes up, we are once again disappointed with a simple list of names and banners. With all of the content available for unlock, why are we not able to compare these things with others or have the ability to flaunt what we've earned?
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    DARK BAWGS Generation 5
    Elite Pilot

    Sep 19, 2016
    Your post brings up an interesting point, now I don't care about the camo and would never buy any, however this is another example of poor marketing by Respawn. I don't know who's nephew is responsible for their marketing but get rid of the looser...

    They come out with a program to "sell" cosmetic stuff to the community, but there is no real way for players to exhibit their acquisitions. At least the method you describe, which I am familiar with being a former COD'er, would really allow players to put themselves on display and proudly show off... This in turn would no doubt encourage other players to do the same; result. more sales of the "stuff" which will help Respawn. What a major miss this one is!
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  3. KernelClamjuice

    KernelClamjuice Generation 5
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    May 4, 2014
    I like the idea of hovering over a friends name or teammates name to show off your loadout and or Camo.

    Something else I would like to see is similar to BO3

    The 3 winners Pilots are shown...as well as the Titan they used.

    A perfect scenario would be just like the marketing poster that once circulated.

    It showed the Titan......with the cockpit open....and the pilot standing on top just outside the cockpit lid while it's down.......looking off into the distance.

    Do this for the Top 3. Let's show off those Camos.