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Discussion in 'Feedback, Issues & Suggestions' started by Derrame, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. Derrame

    Derrame Generation 6

    Aug 17, 2016
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    Hi there Respawn,

    here is my feedback-review-comparison of Titanfall 1 and 2

    this is only my personal opinion and interpretation after playing both games, TF2 since release and TF1 for almost 15 hours

    in tf2 i played all modes

    in tf1 i completed the campaign and then mostly attrition and some frontier defense

    i can't write every detail, for the text would be kilometers long, so i'll write abut the most important elements

    ok, so, after playing tf1, .....

    right in the main menu tf1 is superior, (i know tf2's main menu has been patched and greatly improved, i like it), but, tf1 has that awesome looking menu with falling titans and flying pilots right at release

    you enter the game and you enter the war in the frontier, you enter a headquarter, a ship, a barrack, all game menus are very immersive,

    in f2, the menus feel empty, like unfinished, they work right, but they could be a lot better

    then, in tf1 there are only 3 titans, i think that is few, a fourth one wouldn't hurt, maybe not at launch, but after, as dlc, just an idea

    tf2 has more titans and more weapons, that is a good thing, almost all weapons feel just right, responsive, realistic or unrealistic but cool, and in tf1 there are fewer weapons, but it's ok,

    great in both games
    but in tf1 i hear the sound of jetpacks while jumping, in tf2 that sound is almost gone

    in tf2 not working as intended, many times i hit the key first, see the animaton of my arm hitting enemy pilot and hear the sound, see enmy pilot falling and then, boom, im dead, ...

    in tf1 is a bit slow for my taste, but more natural

    enemy awareness...
    in tf1 enemies have less signs, less indications, less identifications and you realize they are enemies, besides the titan's lights are orange or red,
    and the name of the player is red, that is more than enough!

    why the orange glow in tf2!???
    is ridiculous!
    it hides details, it hides customizations
    it makes you more visible to enemies and then they kill us easily!


    three in tf1, i think it's few,
    one heavy, one light, one medium,
    Atlas my favourite

    but they are customizable, not in color, only a simbol and equipment
    the simbol it's enough, no point on making a titan pink or yellow
    if it's always orange

    the possibility to use any weapon and any explosive or any tactical ability with any titan is excellent, titans are not stuck to a single weapon and tactic

    lots of combinations,
    and we can choose the OS vice! that is very nice,

    loadouts are the right element, for you select different equipped titans for different modes

    in tf1 titan are made of steel or titanium or equivalent, they feel powerful, metal sounds, resistent to damage, fast, responsive
    in tf1 i hear the steps of an nemy on my titan's back, steping on metal, in tf2 that sound is gone
    i feel safer in my titan than as pilot,
    in tf2 i feel more vulnerable in titan than as pilot, titans feel like made of butter instead of metal, shields don't regenerate, and damage stays there, anything damages them,
    i most matches i get inside and right after the process of getting inside it's already doomed, ,
    they are way too slow in tf2

    another thing: titans are invulnerable while executing an enemy titan, but they are not invulnerable while it is grabbing the pilot to put it inside the cockpit, that is not balanced
    either they are invulnerable in both animations or none,

    because, your titan can get destroyed and you get killed before entering the fight, while entering the titan, and then during the fight, an enemy titan is executing a friendly titan and it is invulnrable! in the middle of the fight!
    you must wait until it finishes to execute your teammate and then damage it

    then, in tf2 the antititan ammunition is limited, i know that is because titans are so weak and if ammo is unlimited, like in tf1, titans wouldn't last two seconds

    but that is one flaw to cover another flaw

    in tf1 antitian ammo is unlimited, and titans last a lot longer, so, that shows that the game is balanced

    another very important thing: in tf2 i start and then boom white black flash, an enemy kills me from the other end of the map,
    respawn, boom, black white, enemy flying robot kills me with epg
    respawn, if i find an enemy it shoots me, if i fight back it dissapears using phase shift, posicionates to aim and kill me, if he misses and i fight back he dissapears again, until he kills me

    that is not fair, i know i can use phase shift too, but it's ridiculous, it's ok for single player, not for mp, i can't master it, and i don't feel comfortable using it,

    in tf1 i can use any weapon, any tactic and the gameplay is still balanced! it's amazing!

    one of the most important differences, something that really surprised me very positively: the balance as pilot

    i mean, i tf2 maybe i kill one enemy pilot
    in tf1, i kill 5 or 7 enemy pilots, everyone last longer as pilot!,
    we start, run, jump, fly, we encounter enemies, shoot, etc, hide, reload, think, see minimap, attention sorroundings,
    in tf2 it's only the survival of the fastest aim

    and that shows how very good the game is balanced, it takes more time ot kill enemy pilots, and it takes more time to get killed
    in tf2 is respawn, run, jump, boom
    respawn, take a look around, run, jump, boom
    respawn, maybe i'm lucky, no enemy pilots nearby i can make some steps and maybe fight , boom
    respawn, over again

    it's ok for few matches, but i end up quitting the game for it's frustrating, not because i'm satisfied, "ok played enough", no, i feel humiliated

    another very important thing: tf1 is like more "respectable" it respects players, and the game, the combat, the tactics, killing, fight, everything is respectful, i played lot of attrition matches, and always accepted what happened
    even when defeated, i recognize my mistakes, and the strength of the enemy, maybe i failed, maybe i wasn't fast enough or paid enough attention, lots of factors, but i totally respect the enemy if he defeates me, of course i like to win, but i never felt humiliated or frustrated like in every defeat in tf2,
    and that shows again how well designed is the game, realy,

    tf1 is, at least for me, way more enjoyable than tf2,

    in tf2 i must be faster and aim better than the flying or disappearing robots or the only thing i will see is black white flash over and over again

    in tf1 i can play the way i want!, i can be fast, it's ok, the fight, the game, the enemies are like autmatic balancing to it, i can play slow, it's totally fine too!
    i can still kill enemies, pilots, titans, get points, be useful for the team,

    and i love that, it makes the game so much enjoyable

    and in tf2 the minimap is almost useless

    in tf1 it's really useful and helpful at least in campaign, attriton and frontier defense, (in frontier defense is way too big, covers a lot of the screen annoying for me)

    in tf1 there is the radar tactic, to see throw walls, it's great, i love it, too bad it only works for me, not for the team,

    in tf 1 we can customize titans, select a tactic, explosives, weapons, kits, it is, an extremely important feature/characteristic, , i can customize my titans the way i like and then just select it
    in tf2, no titan loadouts, i must chnge kits, abilities, for every match, big flaw

    in tf1 titans have the high rank abilities already available right at start of match, for example multiobjective tracking missiles, in tf2 Monarch must be upgraded to level 3 to get the multobjective tracking missiles,
    and it's very, very difficult to survive to get to that level! 9/10 times it gets destroyed!
    why would give a titan, levels, when it's very weak to reach them!!?

    tf1 campaign:

    the bad: too short, and no in-game introduction of characters and why they are ven fightng,
    yes, i saw intro video, IMC, Militia, a great intro video btw,
    but still, you start right into the fight, ok, great, some action right from th star but, we already have the mp for that, in campaign i expect some context,
    at least at the beginning

    the good: it was amazing, awesome, i loved that campaign, very immersive, involving, and fun,
    i never played an online campaign before, it's great, very original, totally respectable

    and i like that it repeats forever so you can join a campagin at any time!
    the cinematics and dialogs are really cool, the explosions, animations,

    another good thng is that in campaign there is the mode harpoint domination, which has no players as mp mode,
    too bad that there are no more players, only attrition has :(
    but it's my fault i should have bought the game at release, well, better late than never, right?

    tf2 campaign..

    already discussed, but
    i loved the landscapes, and relation between pilot and titan, and enemies, weapons, environments, cinematics, the story is great
    not liked the jump sequences

    the pilots...
    what really surprised me positively is that pilots in tf1 are slim, thin,
    and they look and move, run, jump, shoot, run forwards and backwards very realistic, more than in tf2, i mean tf2's animations are perfect and some intersections between animations are better
    but pilots in tf1 look and move more natural,

    and some of them don't have helmet, very nice touch to immersion and variety
    some helmetless pilots could be addded to tf2, mybe with headset or scarf, headphones, glasses, goggles, etc

    beeing able to see the map of the next match...
    great idea, i can select my equipment and titan to that map
    short range, or reduced visibility
    or long range, or different tactic ability,
    in tf2 i must first wait to be in the map and the select the loadout and of course select all equipment of titan again

    burn cards...
    not much to say, most of the time i activate it and don't get to use it, i get killed or the equipment does not match it
    i still have much to learn
    but when i do use it, it's great , amped weapon, or faster titan counter or more allies
    faster hacking time, etc
    i like it, very fun

    the maps...

    after playing tf1, tf2 maps are a bad joke, i mean, i look around and wonder: "really!?"
    come on Respawn you can do it a lot better, you already did!
    if im very benevolent, i say maps are just "ok"
    some maps took from sp, like boomtown, blackwater canal, drydock, exoplanet, etc, are ok,
    anoher maps, like glitch and wargames don't represent the war on the frontier
    wargames was ok for tf1, in tf2 makes no sense
    crashsite, is ok for pilots only,
    bad for titans even after update

    textures are way more flat and lot less detailed than in tf1

    and maps are way smaller, a lot smaller, and that is bad
    there are the "grey" maps: boomtown, drydock, blackwater canal,
    the "orange" maps: glitch, exoplanet, kodai base,

    adding angel city, colony and realic was a great idea

    maps in tf1 are gigantic, and beautiful landscapes and backgrunds,
    more than enough room for titan fights, places to wallrun, jump, hide, for pilots, the context is stunning, the dragons flying, the dinosaurs, the airplanes, the tanks, the flack turrets

    the sharp detailed textures,
    the context of war on some maps, the destruction or the new technology and industry on others,
    or even exotic planets, like haven or lagoon, or a combination of tech and nature: overlook or lagoon
    or outpost, with the space right near in front of you, space stations, the gigantic flak turret/cannon,

    or airbase, wow, just incredible, gigantic, machines, vehicles, airplanes, spaceships, nightitme, dark but not much,
    it's futuristic but in a realistic way
    lighting effects are really, really good, bloom, light shafts, something like volumetric lighting, it suits the environmets perfectly
    swampland, the context of war on an exotic planet, unknown, swamp, big, lugubrious, dangerous yet colorful, and technology making it's way through it
    nexus: similar, a gritty mournful, abandoned city, yet futuristic and realistic, those antennas, buildings, taken over by nature and vegetation, the mist and whiff in the environment
    the attention to detail is admirable

    the posters or grafitties! i love them

    similar to runoff, tech an contamination,

    fracture, great map, too open spaces, destruction everywhere

    and i like to hack flak turrets, it adds a lot to immersion, i would have liked to have more things to use the data knife to,

    same for tf2, data knife in mp is only for spectres, too bad, could add a lot to gameplay to use it on other things


    i was very, very positively surprised by the maps,
    it's unbelievable that tf2 has those maps, and that it was developed by the seame people!
    in tf1 you can take your time to explore the map, in tf2 the maps are tiny, some enemy will kill you while exploring
    in tf1 you can get killed when exploring too, but it's easier to see enemies and react
    the situatonal awareness is better

    the rodeo in tf2 is better, you get the battery out and the put an explosive, it makes more sense,
    for, bullets can't demage as an explosive, but it's ok

    the problem is, the battery makes you glow, now the glow is orange and green, like a light sign: "shoot me!"

    the leveling up process in tf2 seems more focused on unlocking camos and colors and cosmetics that actually enhance gameplay or unlock useful or fun things or beeing more powerful,
    i don't care about leveling up in both games
    i don't care about badges or achievements but if there is a new weaon or kit, or tactical ability or explosives, etc and if i want to unlock it i will
    do the process to unlock it, in tf1 you get all you need in terms of pilot and titan equipment just by playing, no need to do stupid things to unlock

    regarding modes:

    tf2 has more modes, new ones, bunty hunt, free for all, pilots only, live fire
    it's ok, if players like those modes i respect that, and now we will have titan brawl which i really like, so it's a great addition,
    tf1 lacks of titan brawl or equivalent, could have been good
    tf1 has marked for death, and we dont know yet if it will return to tf2, i really hope so

    in tf1 you only have 2 or 3 grenades, if depleted them, well, you must be killed and respawn to get more grenades, that is a big flaw, give us at least 50 grenades or just reaload like in tf2

    regarding boosts or lack of them, it's complex, i enojoy gameplay in tf1 more, so i think no boosts is better, but i like the boosts, some of thme are really useful,for example, the enemy team has many titans and your tea has none, there i'd like to have the antititan sentry
    like map hack or sentries, but i think that must be related to titan's durabilty, map size, overall balance, etc
    it's perfect for frontier defense, all players have a turret for each wave, and you don't need to choose a boost,
    ticks or particle wall or decoys in frontier defense are useless

    the turret in tf1 is way more powerful than in tf2, i like that


    i like weapons in tf1 a lot more, but the eva8 shotgun is semi automatic, which i don't like but it accept that
    i've been killed lot of times with that shotgun, so it's working ok

    r97 smg, i love it in tf1, in 2 is way too unnacurate,

    i love the mag launcher, agile, fast, deadly,
    and its looks badass, you can see the ammo outside, (ver low res ammo btw)

    in tf1 AI is better,
    spectres can rodeo a titan, soldiers and grunts have laser sights on their wapons, i love that!
    and they can use misslie launcher too!
    in tf2 they are almost useless

    in tf1 soldiers/grunts do a sign a gesture to you if you stand and look at them,
    Reapers in tf2 are ok for single player, but in tf2 thay damage titans a lot
    and they are annoying, good to get 5 points by destroying them, but still,
    i would not remove them, just nerf them, less damge to titans

    smart pistol...

    it is a weapon in the game, so it's supposedly balanced, controversial weapon...
    i think it is blanced, for it takes some time to lock enemies, as any other weapon

    i used it, but i still must master it, i'm still slow, it's very useful, fun, sofisticated,
    not overopwered, at least not used by me!

    but when the entire enemy team uses it and lock you while hidden, i think it's no fair,
    just press trigger, get points, simple no need to aim

    but i like that weapon, and tf1 is the only game with that weapon
    too bad it's only a temporary boots in tf2, only 24 shots
    that was disappointing, to reduce that awesome weapon to a boost


    i like both games' visuals, but i think tf1 represents the faction wars and the frontier a lot better
    and textures look so sharp an detailed,

    still some textures are way too low resolution like particle wall or salvo missiles' fire and explosions
    some metal textures in some spots on maps, but it's ok it improves performance i think,
    tf2 has some low res textures too, but they are overall a lot less sharp, same resolution, 1920x1080p

    anyway, both games look good

    i use a reshade preset to reduce the orange saturation in tf2 and to increase color in tf1

    frontier defense...

    i waited for a coop mode
    but this mode is not quite coop, i mean there are no coop skills or cards or boosts, or tactics,
    is it cooperative only because players can't attack each other?

    i still like that mode

    Important about opinions:

    some players defend and praise Respawn's changes to the game, they complain about "negativity"
    but it is harmful and dangerous, for they encourage Respawn to keep making mistakes and changing the game/s
    and its uniqueness and originality in the wrong way
    it's like your friend is blind and he is walking towards an abyss or trap and you keep telling him " you are doing good, keep walkig"
    instead of telling him the truth

    CoD games for example, infinte warfare has more dislikes than likes on youtube, now the devs changed the direction and doing WWII games again, players like that, back to the roots (i personally dont like wwii games)
    cod wwii is very well received

    TF2 really feels like a CoD with titans as boost, in tf1 we have burn cards, in tf2 we have the titans instead o burn cards,

    i don't know what the developers tried to do with tf2, really

    some say attract CoD players, well, they were successful with that,
    some say make the franchise appealing for newcomers, i'm a newcomer but i wanted the same as tf1!
    i liked tf1 and expected the same or better from tf2!
    not an entirely different experience!

    the player must adapt to the artist's vision, not the artist dumb it's art down so anyone can acces it!

    for example, dark souls is hard, ok, but ds 2 and 3 are not a walk in the park!
    it's its nature! it's core! what makes it unique! players must respect that and the developer too!
    imagine if ds 2 and 3 were as easy as a walking simulator....players would be very disappointed,, well, that happened to tf2, it got negatively changed,
    and that attracts the wrong people
    and it hurts gameplay, enjoyment, and developer's reputation

    Respawn really nailed it with tf1, a masterpiece with few flaws, truly next gen in terms of fps,
    it's almot 4 years old, but it's still great, plays great, looks great, it's addictive, fun, balanced, respectful, very satisfying

    I think the changes made to tf2 are terrible bad, don't know if it was lack of time or ressources, or attract newcomers or any other factor,

    anyway Respawn has my full support, i really hope they make tf3 as good or better than tf1, maybe a campaign too,
    i'd like a sp campaign to rescue BT and do some badass missions on the frontier, new planets, and then, an online campaign and of course the mp,
    i hope it's as good or better than tf1's mp

    They have my full support, i hope they create some good dlc's for tf2 like adding brand new maps or tf1 maps and a tf3 game that everyone enjoys and stay true to its originality and quality, they have potential

    thanks for reading :)


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  2. Derrame

    Derrame Generation 6

    Aug 17, 2016
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    * we can choose the OS voice


    i'd love to have an option to select voice language and subtitles language separatedly
    tf1 has only neutral spanish or english
    and the game is full spanish or full english
    neutral spanish sounds awful,
    and if select english, than i dont understand half of the info
    so, original voices with localized subtitles is the right way

    (tf2 has latin american spanish, really well done)

    and i'd like an option in tf2 to disable the coins sound when killing enemy pilot

    in tf1 there are the navigator's animation, telling you abotu the titan is ready,
    in tf2, only the voice

    i love how in the campaign the characters react to where you are, "alpha point is right in front of you, patch me through it, i'll do the rest"
    they talk a lot about the mission and progress, and player's localization, not only we are winning or loosing

    it adds a lot to immersion and keeping players involved in the game world
  3. Derrame

    Derrame Generation 6

    Aug 17, 2016
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    the antitan's ammo is not unlimited, i just didnt see the counter, sorry

    and i love those little robot workers, adds to industrial immerson,
    and swampland's vegetation,

    in tf1 the c.a.r. smg is more poweful than r101? very strange
    why does r101 more damage than c.a.r in tf2'?

    burn cards:
    infinte grenades doesnt' work, i still have 3 grenades

    in tf 1 there are drones! with lasers!
    too bad they dont are in tf2
  4. Derrame

    Derrame Generation 6

    Aug 17, 2016
    tf1 needs an interface option to remove, that so many info on kills, points, players, weapon, killed, etc,
  5. Derrame

    Derrame Generation 6

    Aug 17, 2016
    #5 Derrame, Jun 26, 2017
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    tf2's titan and pilots executions are way better than in f1, they look spctacular
  6. ensc

    ensc Generation 7
    Elite Pilot

    May 29, 2016
    Wow Derrame! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I've been waiting to see what you had to say, because I love your passion. I did not read all of this yet, but I will later today or tomorrow and give you a complete response. I very much enjoyed that we got to play some games together and I was happy to be with you while you were experiencing some things for the first time.

    I also want to let everyone know just how good Derrame is. I knew Derrame was good, especially at Amped Hardpoint, because we played that together in TF2, but let me tell you about Derrame in TF1. I am not shy about saying that I am one of the best Hardpoint Domination players in the world and I am not one to claim that I am something I am not. I would not say it if I did not know it to be 100% true. With that in mind, let me tell you a little story here. Derrame had been playing TF1 for LESS THAN A WEEK. We had played through the Campaign and Derrame was right there behind me in 2nd place on our team for the last couple Hardpoint Domination games at the end of the Campaign. Well, when the Campaign started again on Refueling Raid, which is also Hardpoint Domination, I played so well that there was a Gen 10 on the other team that was accusing me of cheating. Well, guess what? Even with me playing so good that I got accused of cheating, I was not the MVP of our team, Derrame was, who had been playing for less than a week. :) Derrame had a higher Assault score and a higher Defense score than me. That is how good Derrame is. Anyway, just wanted to share that with you all.
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  7. ensc

    ensc Generation 7
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    May 29, 2016
    No, thank you Derrame! I really hope Respawn reads what you wrote here, because I know some of my words can come off harsh because I really take it personally what Respawn did to the game I love and I am still furious about it. You, on the other hand, are an obviously very reasonable, fair and thoughtful person who truly enjoyed TF2 first, then went back and played TF1 with an open mind and I believe gave an extremely fair and thorough review. I don't agree with everything you said, but bravo to you because this was an awesome review of the differences between the 2 games.

    I already appreciated your passion Derrame and I could not wait to see what you thought about the 2 games, but you have truly outdone yourself and far exceeded my expectations. What I really appeciated was that you, being someone who started with and very much enjoyed TF2 first could go back and experience TF1 for the first time and come up with a lot of the same opinions that I have been expressing strongly for a very long time. You really gave us a lot of good eatin here, but I want to focus on all of the extremely critical points, because you nailed all of them.

    1) TITANS (probably the most critical change and reduces my enjoyment of the game the most)

    2) PILOTS (the situational awareness and gun damage/pilot health balance)

    3) ANTI-TITAN WEAPONS/TITAN HEALTH (one of the most enjoyable things to me in TF1 is going up against 2 or 3 strong titans with my Sidewinder)
    4) MAPS (don't need to add anything, because you said it perfectly)
    5) LONGEVITY OF THE HARDPOINT DOMINATION MODE (thank you for noticing, because you are so right)

    6) CULTURE (this is an extremely profound point you made here Derrame that I had not even though about, but it is very true. I would almost describe it like this: TF1 reminds me of the attitude of the greatest generation that fought in WWII, where they fought hard, but it was a fair fight and done with respect. TF2 is sort of embracing the "participation trophy" generation, where you feel entitled to everything and feel like you should get to dance on someone's grave and act like your a winner when you didn't even do any work to earn anything. This is a really great point you make, because that is just one more thing that turns me off about the game.)
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