(Titanfall 3) What we should HOPE changes.

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  1. Ha. You stole a joke from Vaughny. You're so clever. Ha. Ha. Ha

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  1. ensc

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    May 29, 2016
    Yeah, Training Ground was a good one. One of my most memorable Hardpoint games was on there. I consider myself one of the best Hardpoint players in the world and I generally don't play with others, but even when I do, we do not coordinate play. I only play with strong individuals. Anyway, I stumbled into a game on Training Ground with 5 people on my team I had never played with before, where 4 of them were average to below average players, but the other guy turned out to be even better than me. We were going up against 6 vets who I knew played together all the time and definitely coordinated their play. Well, we got down about 300-150 and this other guy and I just hunkered down and played the crap out of the rest of that game and we ended up winning about 400-390. The other team was furious, because they couldn't believe it, and oh man was it sweet.
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