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Discussion in 'Titanfall 2 News & Discussion' started by shi atsu, Mar 1, 2017.

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  1. shi atsu

    shi atsu Generation 1

    Feb 24, 2017
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    I love the variety of guns TF2 offers! So far i found L-STAR and EPG-1 the most suitable for my style since i had to learn how to aim during movement.

    Now im looking for something long range, fast, "few bullet death" solution for primary weapon. Last night tried some but still hasnt found the one. Any recommendation on this? Maybe the G2A5? Im just a few levels away from this.

  2. Derrame

    Derrame Generation 6

    Aug 17, 2016
    the R201, Flatline, Hemlock G2A5, Spitfire, R97
  3. Triggerman 6

    Triggerman 6 Generation 2

    Jan 27, 2017
    Very far range you are looking at the assault rifle class (outside of the sniper class) believe it or not.... The very far range effectiveness is at 3500 for ARs (except the G2A5 and Devotion which is only 2000) vs 3000 for SMGs and 2000 for LMG.

    As far as damage within the AR group, the G2A5 leads, followed by the Devotion (even post nerf but has a very far range of only 2000) and then a the Flatline. The Hemlock pre nerf was the same at very far range as the Flatline but this was one of the issues they nerfed and the new numbers on it are not out yet. The R201 at very far range is last requiring 10 rounds to drop a healthy pilot but it has the second fastest fire rate (behind the hemlock) and no spread (except when in air or wall running). So at range, if they are not moving, you got them. if they wiggle, you have to keep it on target to get the 10 rounds in.

    Alternator is great at close range as are the shot guns. These are not good at far or very far ranges.
    CAR is very good at close and far ranges.

    The Wingman Elite is your best very far range killer with 3 rounds on a healthy pilot and it only gets better the closer you get. It does the same damage as the G2A5 without the distance restriction (don't ask me, I just look at the numbers, don't make them)....

    Also know that the AR & LG classes have a precision Aim Assist, where the SM class has only a broad Aim Assist as does the Wingman Elite.

    I guess it comes down to your play style as to what fits
  4. ensc

    ensc Generation 7
    Elite Pilot

    May 29, 2016
    I'm just curious why anyone would want to use a long range weapon. I mean, if that's your thing, more power to you, but I personally think it defeats the beauty of Titanfall. I'm speaking of TF1 and TF2, but probably a little more so TF1, because I don't like that the TF2 ground speed has been dampened. Anyway, the beauty to me is, I don't care about anyone long range from me, because they are never going to be able to get me, because Titanfall is all about the movement and I've got that down. Especially in TF1, I fear no one at long range from a defensive perspective. And from an offensive perspective, worrying about people at long range kills all the fun, because now you are pretty much having to be sedentary and not utilizing the beauty of the movement. Plus, as soon as you take one shot then, now you've put up a big billboard saying, "Here I am!!!" and if you are still worried about focussing on long range and not moving too much, everyone on the other team who is utilizing the beautiful movement of that game is going to be on you and destroying you in 2 seconds. I think Titanfall lends itself better to being a short to mid range game, where you are flying around the map and you don't really even worry about confronting them until they are right in your face.

    Although, this does bring up a good point about TF2, which is part of the reason why I still prefer TF1 over TF2. The situational awareness in TF2 is garbage compared to TF1. In TF1, I almost always knew when I was getting attacked, from what direction and it most cases, even what weapon I was being attacked with. And, the weapons to pilot health ratio was so perfectly balanced that I had time to react and move out of the way and lick my wounds. In TF2, there is NO situational awareness. You are moving along, no indication you are being attacked at all, and BOOM white shock flash and you are dead. With that in mind, perhaps that is a good reason to try long range in TF2. However, with regard to TF1, I would still say, "Long range? Why?"
  5. Triggerman 6

    Triggerman 6 Generation 2

    Jan 27, 2017
    I agree about the situational awareness. I have noticed lately that kill cams of my death the guy was moving in the same direction as I was going (but not close enough to hear footsteps or jet packs over my own), he was taking shots and missing and I had no idea. I wear a headset, no music only game play sounds but not a buzz or crack nothing until he would finally line me up and get me from behind..... I could hear the gun but I hear all the guns all over the map.. may have been a glitch but I was puzzled. I would say that was a mid range engagement. He may have been two buildings back wall running in the same direction.

    I'm long range only when I need to clear roof tops of grouped guys on the same roof.