Can't Install Titanfall from PC DVD

Discussion in 'Titanfall PC' started by RSVmax, Jun 12, 2014.

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  1. RSVmax

    RSVmax Generation 1

    Jun 12, 2014
    So... after a few hours searching I still can not find an answer to this question... I bought titanfall for PC this morning from Walmart and when I insert disk 1 to install, I get the autoprompt showing the 3 steps to install the game. Once I click continue nothing happens... everything stops even after an hour of waiting. I've created an Origin account and I've added the new game using the registration code from the paper inside the box. Still nothing... Origin tells me I can download a 50 gig file to install the game but I don't understand why I can't do it from the 3 disks that came in the box? If its a digital ONLY game why did I waste my time going to the store??? Am I missing something? Anyone else had this issue? Thanks for any replies and assistance. I'm currently downloading the 50 gig file but still puzzled...


    ASUS ROG G-750 JM / Windows 8.1
  2. marthiFiC!

    marthiFiC! Generation 4

    Mar 28, 2014
    Game has received updates that change the way sound is stored and processed, the majority of the original 50 gigs is uncompressed sound, which has been altered. So it needs to be downloaded again. In general installing games from discs is almost dead, especially for multiplayer. Way to many patches for that.
  3. oded1st

    oded1st Generation 1

    Jun 10, 2014
    this is how i did it:
    1 - copy disk content to PC (all 3 disks)
    2 - install from PC
    3 - let it update
    4 - play!
  4. jaketronix

    jaketronix Generation 2

    Jun 17, 2014
    did you try installing without the discs? if the key code has been added to your Origin account, it should be available to download right from the client. you would think it's the slower way to go as opposed to installing from disc, but in this case it probably isn't. check your control panel> programs to make sure Titanfall isn't there already, and uninstall it if it is. then just try it from the client.