Titanfall 2 Wishlist: What do you want?

Discussion in 'Titanfall 2 News & Discussion' started by WhoIsDo, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. Red Shirt Kid1

    Red Shirt Kid1 Generation 1

    Jan 30, 2017
    I made a new titan kit while I was bored in class it would be a more support style of titan with abilities that help friendly titans, yourself, and can deal cc to enemy titans. I have the mods thought out too with a little sketch of the chassis. If you'd like I could go into more detail.
  2. Trini Chinese

    Trini Chinese Generation 5

    Jul 1, 2016
    let's hear it, am curious what idea you got . don't be shy let's here what you got .
  3. Red Shirt Kid1

    Red Shirt Kid1 Generation 1

    Jan 30, 2017
    Titan Kit
    (6 sec. cooldown) Defensive: Overshield, gives you and a friendly titan an over shield. (same as picking up a bat. no health gain)

    (8 sec. cooldown) Utility: Perfect Shield, makes you immune for 1.5 sec

    (10 sec. cooldown) Offensive: Petrify, Paralyze an enemy titan for 1.5 sec (projectile)(can be missed or dodged)

    Core: Rally, all friendly titans in your line of sight gain speed boost, damage boost, and damage resistance (lasts 5 sec) (Can’t be gained twice in a row with warbanner mod)

    20 round magazine Weapon: Spread shot, 5 rocket shot gun that spreads with a rocket in the middle having a linear path.

    Health and Damage
    Health: is equivalent to 6 blocks of health

    Damage: each rocket deals 1/10 of a block of health, critical does ⅛ of a block of health

    Titan Mods
    Extra aid, Overshield gives an overshield to an extra friendly titan

    Double-edged Shield, Perfect shield lasts longer but takes away some health (around 1/10 of a block) (now lasts 2 sec)

    Medusa’s Curse, Petrify has two charges

    Rocketjump, Spread shot deals knockback (equivalent to a melee)

    War Banner, Rally drops a banner that if any friendly titan sees gains the buff (lasts ten sec.)

    Extra Details
    Size: Height, main body is around 8 ft tall. Chassis is around 15 ft tall. Width is around 6 ft.
    Weight, main body is around 15 tons while his entire chassis is around 20 tons

    Personality: he cares more for the pilot and titans than himself.

    Here's everything I have right now, The name would be Aegis
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  4. hotmetal128

    hotmetal128 Generation 2

    Feb 12, 2017
    Well the one thing I would like to see is an editor so the community could make maps, skins, weapons and Titans etc give people more of a chance to feel part of the game.
    A league for people to play in would be good to sure it's not every ones cup of tea but it would add another layer to the game for those that like a challenge
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  5. ZiichLV

    ZiichLV Generation 2

    Feb 21, 2017
    I have played 1 day. I love single player - story is so good.
    We need to make different algorythm for matchmaking - not to put together Gen4 lvl45 players with gen1 lvl1 players.
    I had it hard on first map, although I am G10 LVL50 top ranks player in Titanfall (1).
    Graphics and physics are a bit different and I'm still getting used to this games grainy graphics. Default loadout combinations are kinda short to compete with higher generation players - low lvl players really don't stand a chance against full loadout titans and customized weapons.

    Please put together players with max level gap of 15 (for example).

    Another thing.
    It was an issue already in Titanfall first game and still is there!?
    Players who play on 4:3 displays and put native resolution are forced to play with widescreen picture.
    Top and bottom is cut off - instead there are black areas. I am sure that many players still use 4:3 displays and are as concerned as I am. I recorded many videos of gameplay and I just can't put it on Youtube because really big area of quality content is just cut off.

    Hope to feel these improvements soon.

    Best regards,